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What To Do While Smoking Sativa

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When we say “cannabis”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For every stoner out there this catch-all term can mean so many different things – dope, weed, fun, medicine, relaxation, smoking, eating, dreaming or tripping. Cannabis is one of the most variable psychoactive plants on the planet, with thousands upon thousands of cultivars.

Not only does cannabis come in so many forms but it also has a plethora of effects on the human mind & body. No two cannabis experiences can be considered truly alike – the feelings might be similar from one strain to another, but every crop, every plant and every bud can lead you on a unique journey every time you light one up.

So, when we said “cannabis” the first time, what did you think of first? For a large number of potheads and self-medicators, the term “cannabis” is synonymous with their favorite breed of plants: Sativa.

Sativa – otherwise known as Cannabis Sativa L. – has played a prominent role in many cultures around the globe, for a very long time. The cradles of cannabis life like the Hindu Kush mountains, or the unfathomable depths of the jungles of South America and Mexico have brought innumerable sativa cultivars that have influenced human health & culture over thousands of years. Indica, ruderalis and hybrids have all made magic for people as well, but there’s something ancient and mystical about sativas.

How is your relationship to sativa strains of cannabis? Have you ever wondered why sativa doesn’t affect you? What’s the best time of day to get high? What should you do when you’re high on sativas? How can you have a good high on sativa-dominant strains? Let’s discuss the world of sativa cannabis in all its glories.

What Sets Sativas Apart?

Although it’s safe to say that every cultivar of cannabis has the potential for a variety of effects, on a personal level some stoners just really connect with sativas. There is a strong culture surrounding sativas because they offer a complex experience full of euphoria, being uplifted, mind focusing, relaxation and a number of soothing effects on the body. For many stoners, the answer to the question “how to have a good high?” is simple: Sativa buds.

Sativas have developed in some of the cradles of cannabis civilization for untold eons, and in these temperate climates they’ve created some incredible cannabinoids and terpenes combinations. All cannabis plants have unique phytocompound profiles, but there’s something special about sativas. Just to name a few of the most consistent effects of sativas, there are:

Strong, long-lasting highs (both cerebral and body highs)

Uplifting effects

Enhanced mental clarity/alacrity

Generally improved moods

Anxiety or depression remedy

Appetite stimulation

These represent a small fraction of the bevvy of benefits you can derive from sativa dominant hybrids and landrace sativa strains alike. The real takeaway for why sativas are best suited to teach you how to have a good high has to do with how it makes you feel. If you’ve ever thought “why does sativa not affect me?” then you were probably fixating on its physical influences when you should be keying on the mental and emotional enhancements.

Sativa has been used in rituals, ceremonies and medical & spiritual traditions alike for thousands of years. Not only can it lessen your pain, swelling or fatigue but it’s very powerful at improving your emotional state. In this way sativas are like the sun – it always brightens your day no matter how your day has been going up until that point.

The rush of endorphins from a good sativa high can energize your body, clear your mind and buoy your emotional and spiritual states. Riding a sativa experience makes it easy to think of things to do when high – you’ll find yourself uplifted and ready to take on a challenge, accomplish tasks, think big or be creative.

Strains like Trainwreck are perfect for accomplishing day-time goals while still enjoying a solid, cerebral high. We’ll continue to offer up other top choice sativa strains throughout this article, and coming up next let’s discuss what’s the best time of the day to get high.

What’s The Best Time of Day to Get High On Sativas?

This section is completely subjective and might not suit the needs of everybody, but in general terms there are better times in the day to consume sativas. Just like with indicas that are known to zonk you out, couch lock you or make you want to slip away into dreamland, sativas are usually best for daytime highs.

When you’re considering what things to do when high during the day, sleeping the daylight hours away doesn’t seem like a great idea does it? Whenever you’re considering what the best time of day is to get high on sativas, it’s almost always earlier the better as the golden rule. This is because many sativa cultivars are energizing for your mind while relaxing for your body. Strains like Grape God bring this perfect balance of calm body, empowered mind that make sativas and sativa dominant hybrids such a fantastic choice for daytime highs.

Here are a few pros that makes daytime the best time of day to get high on sativas:

Increased feelings of energy, mental clarity and focus

Long-lasting psychoactive effects that last from morning to evening

Good vibes, positive attitudes and mood enhancement

Boosts creativity, productivity and motivation to explore, to do, to accomplish

On the flip side, here are a few cons that makes nighttime not the best time of day to get high on sativas:

Energized feelings can keep you awake too long

The need to keep busy or do things when high can supersede rest

Mental focus and heightened emotions makes sleeping difficult

You may be in too good a mood to turn in for the night, preferring to socialize later

These cons aren’t necessarily bad – after all, when’s the last time any of us had too much energy, felt too productive or were in too good of a mood?! Nevertheless, sativas are the best choice for how to have a good high that is productive, fun and full of positive vibes so its naturally inclined towards daytime.

If you’re wondering about all these mentions of what to do when you’re high, don’t worry we’ll get to that soon. First, let’s move onto the next section of the blog: how to have a good high.

How To Have A Good High On Sativas

If you’re a cannabis newbie and you’ve struggled with certain strains – maybe even wondered “why do sativas not affect me like everyone else?!” – fear not because we’ve got the solution for you. If you’ve tried one sativa you might assume others would be similar right? So, so wrong. All cannabis strains are unique and diverse, so you really do have to keep sampling, experimenting, self-medicating and exploring all there is to offer in the world of cannabis.

The best way to learn how to have a good high is to learn how to BE high. That’s right, the simplest and purest methodology of getting the most out of your sativas is to get in-tune with the plants. When you learn to really appreciate and understand how they make you feel, you will be learn to hone in on your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit for that ultimate cannabis bliss.

Strains like Tang Breath are great teachers, as are classic sativas like Purple Haze. There are so many sativas and sativa-hybrids to choose from, the only limitation on your experience with sativas is this: how soon can you try them all?! Here’s some more sativas you need to try in order to learn how to have a good high:

Strawberry Cough

Banana Trail Mix

Lemon Haze

Red Congolese

Dirty Taxi

These strains are excellent teachers, and they can train you to tap into the positive vibes, get a lot done on your daytime sativa kick, and explore the facets of yourself, your relationships and the universe around you – all without making you feel overly dopey or tired. The secret to having a good high is simple: stick with sativas and you’ll have a great time, every time.

Things To Do When High On Sativas

This section is really up to you. What floats one stoner’s boat can sink the battleship of another, so it’s tough to put together “the ultimate list of things to do when high on sativas”. Instead of trying to make grandiose claims on the top things stoners do while high, let’s take a quick look at a mind map:

Engage Your Brain

Anything that requires functional brain power while you’re high might sound crazy, but you’d be surprised how focused your mind can be while high on sativas. Sudoku, puzzles, brain teasers, trippy art, sacred geometry, or just being fascinated with the natural world around you are great examples of ways to stay engaged mentally, physically and emotionally while high on sativas.

Be Creative

Anything that flexes your creative muscles like painting, drawing, music, writing, even reading can enhance your sativa effectiveness. The arts are the playground for sativa-enlightened individuals, so surround yourself with vibrant colors and you’ll have an amazing time.

Tackle Tough Tasks

Been struggling to knock off items from your to-do list? Sativas are amazing for giving you an energy boost, sharpening your focus and increasing your drive to get things done. Instead of couch lock, how about finally vacuuming under the couch?! Got wall painting to do? Sativa it up. Garage need organizing? Sativa can do that too.


Simply put, meditating while high on cannabis can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. With open minds, energy levels in harmony, emotions in check and body relaxed there’s so much you can manifest while under the influences of the all-powerful empowering bud of sativa.

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