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      Did someone say Hash?! Haute Health has a great selection of premium quality, high potency and fair priced Hash to suit any stoner’s needs. Customize your size of block and take advantage of Haute Health’s top tier inventory of cannabis concentrates.

      Hash is a super potent, flavorful and intensely aromatic experience that isn’t for the faint of heart – or lower tolerances, for that matter. Consume carefully and enjoy these high quality hashish for your next weed adventure from Hautehealth.su

      Gucci Hash


      West Coast Hash


      Captains Pink Hash


      Rolls-Royce Hash


      Jaguar Hash


      Rolex Hash


      Afghan Hash


      People Also Ask:

      What is hash called?
      Hash is also known as hashish, kief or rub in many dispensaries and cannabis communities around the world.

      What is the purest form of hash?
      The most potent and pure forms of hash are graded using either the 5-star system or the cannabis grading system (A to AAAA+). Five-star hash is considered top-quality, premium product while hash made from AAAA+ graded strains of cannabis is also highly regarded.

      What is the shelf life for hash like?
      Like with many other cannabis concentrates, quality has a lot to do with how how long a product will last. Premium grade hash can last up to a year or more if stored correctly.