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      A grade to AAAA+ kief, moon rocks and all your concentrates needs can be met on Haute Health. Live moon rocks, shatter rocks and kief of many high quality strains are available for any cannabis appetite, and pricing to suit any budget. continues to strive to provide the best and most diverse line up of cannabis concentrates, which is why we’re proud to offer our exclusive Moon Rocks and premium Kief. No matter what your cannabis needs, live rosin moon rocks or AAAA+ kief can scratch your THC itch. Try some of HH’s Kief products today and get the most out of your daily weed.

      AAAA Kief – Donkey Butter


      Shatter Moon Rocks


      Shatter Moon Rocks – Chunky Diesel


      Live Rosin Moon Rocks


      AA Kief


      AAAA Kief


      People Also Ask:

      What is kief?
      Kief is of run-off cannabis particles that can be collected during harvesting/drying/curing/processing to be made into a kind of concentrate. Kief contains trichomes, which hold the active cannabinoids and terpenes compounds.

      How can you use kief?
      Kief can added to a variety of cannabis products, most commonly used to enhance joints by rolling the blunt in oil or honey and then dipping it in kief. Kief can be baked/cooked into edibles, added to joints or bowls of buds, or sprinkled onto concentrates or extracts.

      Is kief expensive?
      Kief is sold for a wide range of prices, depending on quality, volume and plant genetics. Premium grade kief can cost hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, but most regular kief can be purchased in smaller quantities for affordable prices.