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      When you’re keen on waxing poetic with friends or looking to melt into your couch after a hard day’s work, nothing hits quite like a potent cannabis wax from Hautehealth.cc

      Sugar waxes in a variety of strains, flavors and price ranges makes for an exciting shopping experience. HH’s Wax selection is second to none, and we’re constantly adding new & exciting concentrates/extracts every week. Get waxed – your mind, that is – with the excellent selection of top quality cannabis wax from Haute Health.

      Space Candy Wax – Hybrid


      Nova Wax – Indica Dominant Hybrid


      Gorilla Cookies Wax – Sativa Dominant Hybrid


      Juicy Fruit Wax – Sativa Dominant Hybrid


      Candyland Wax – Sativa Dominant Hybrid


      The White Wax – Indica Dominant Hybrid


      Girl Scout Cookies Wax – Indica Dominant Hybrid


      AA Sugar Wax


      Sugar Cane Wax


      People Also Ask:

      What is cannabis wax called?
      Cannabis wax is otherwise known as butane hash, honey oil, shatter and budder. This waxy cannabis concentrate can be thick and pliable or thin and brittle, depending on the processing.

      how long does cannabis wax last for?
      Cannabis wax can last many months before losing potency or consistency. On average, cannabis wax products should be consumed within the first 3-6 months since production date.

      Is cannabis wax stronger than cannabis oil?
      Cannabis oils typically range in potencies greatly, whereas most waxes are highly potent cannabis concentrates.